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Hello and welcome to my new portfolio! My latest work was at a place named after a bird, on a project about birds. I have also animated some mice in a music video for the critically acclaimed Black Dresses recently. Currently I am doing commission work and I am looking for a full time position in the field of Animation
>>> e-mail me!! zscholl.illus(at)gmail.com
prev. worked @ Bluntforce, Titmouse, & more. Most recent work reference/contact FYI>> hello(at)bluntforce.com.
Software I use: Storyboard Pro, Flash, Harmony, Photoshop, CSP, AE, Premiere, Procreate, Blender, Krita, etc
All about Zoe
I'm 23 and I make cartoons and video games. Some of the things that inspire me lately are MLAATR, BNA, quirky PBS-esque cartoons from the early 2000s, late 90s console games, and creepypastas. Sorry. No social media.