Zoe Scholl

animation/ /illustration/ /gamedev
website|| absolutelyzoe.neocities.org
e-mail|| zscholl.illus(at)gmail.com


Bluntforce Studio | Fall 2020 - Present
2d Animator - Rough, cleanup, and color animation for upcoming Black Dresses music video. (Adobe Flash)
Working with Remy Boydell (the Pervert, 920London (Image Comics)) - hello@bluntforcestudio.com

Universal Music | Fall 2019
2d Animator - Animation revisionist and cleanups for 4 Motown Christmas music videos (ToonBoom)

Titmouse - Ballmastrz (Adult Swim) | Sp 2019
2d Animator - Cleanups and color for Ballmastrz, adult swim 2d animated series (Adobe Animate)

"Treats"/"Welcome Home" - Low Poly Adventure Game | May 2019 - present
3d Animator/Programmer - Developing "Treats", a 3d adventure game where you capture small animals and solve puzzles (Blender and Python)

Freelancing/Commissions Work | Fa 2019 - Present
Character/Concept Artist - Perpetual/queued freelance commissions via twitter, furry/anthro art (I draw 8-12 hours a day, around 2-3 commissions per day, no breaks no holidays!) - This is how I have been making money in 2020

Dress Code Studio | Su 2018
2d Animator - (roughs and linework) for Dress Code's "Goalkeeper" short film. (Adobe Animate)

Dusty Studio | Su 2017
Animation Assistant (2d/stop motion) - Assisted in stop-motion chalkboard drawings and pencil tests for Animation Hotline. Intern. (Dragonframe, Adobe Suite)

Static Fish Comic Anthology | Fa 2017 - Fa 2018
Assistant/organizer/tabler and illustrator - for Pratt's seasonal Static Fish comics anthology as part of the Comics Club

*As well as these animation-related jobs, I have also worked numerous part-time jobs, you can ask about those. Some of which were work-study, some of which in retail, etc.*


Pratt Institute || BFA Digital Art 2015-2019 (NY,USA)

Software & Skills

Adobe Animate, Photoshop, Storyboard Pro, Toon Boom Harmony, Procreate, Blender, AE, Premiere, Krita, Clip Studio Paint, /*CSS*/, <!--Html-->, //javascript, #python, and more! Just ask :-)


Most recent reference: please
contact Bluntforce for more info hello@bluntforcestudio.com

         Older References:

Jeremy O'brien - Nitehawk Cinema Back-of-house Manager

Eli Ceballos - Microcomputer Center Manager